Monday, March 8, 2010

soup \\ sketch DUMP

Now, if you haven't read this post, please do so now. It has allll the warnings so I'm not responsible for any harm caused by the art displayed here.

No, really. For realsies.

And, as promised, BECAUSE I LIKE TO KEEP PROMISES *beam beam beam*, here's a sketch dump. Straight up.

His name is Cassius and I love him. He's also one of my favorite villains, but since he's the villain in my vampire/demon story, he probably won't get to see an attempt at publication for like a decade.

Sienna and Jude. Snow hats and iPods. These are characters to a story that I tried to get published and...............couldn't. But not for a lack of trying :|

Just some practice for school on figure-drawing. Have a long while to go.

Also characters from Sienna's story that I couldn't get published :|

I had to retake the picture on this one, and forgot to put something behind it the second time, so you can see his BFF back there. Close up on his face? This was also done for practice for class. It looked better a few days ago.

Annnnnd his BFF. She, also, looked better a couple days ago.

I'm still proud of this one 8| Also from Sienna's story. The colors ended up kind of weird, but I almost like it.

Done for an art trade, but then I realized she had already drawn her character straight-on, bust shot, and a million times better than this. I have to go back to the drawing board. LOL PUN.

Sexxxxxxx. Srsly, I was not joking when I said I like to draw perviness. And this also turned out kind of mutated color-wise, but I still kind've like the look 8[

That's it I think!!! For now. I had some old and new in there just to mix things up. I'm really hacking away at an art style, which is why no two pieces look the same. I'm having such an art identity crisis. [/epic angst]

Anyway, thanks to Pete for editing all these pieces DD8 Each art was taken by camera, and remember the rules, folks. No touchy, no takey. Not that I can really imagine anyone wanting to take these.

That is all. OH. And make sure to watch ABDC, because the Lady Gaga episode is so smokin'.

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