Sunday, March 14, 2010

pete here // solaris story: character sketches

Holy cow! For the love of Peter, an update! By Pete, nonetheless! Without more than one ancient sketch! With new sketches in fact! Holy Basil Leaf, Batman! I know, this is crazy, isn't it? The fact that I'm actually UPDATING with something. I'm pretty baffled myself, not gonna lie.

Things have been pretty ridiculously hectic, not gonna lie. Midterms are absolutely slaughtering me, completely slaughtering me, to the point where I'm beginning to fall back into my old sleeping habits, fewer and fewer hours a night. Before midterms end, I'll be getting an hour of sleep - if I'm lucky. Now, on top of this chaotic amount of classwork, I've just been offered a tutoring job with a 5th grader with brain tumors. It's been crazy - completely and totally crazy.


I've been good - for the most part. Each night, I've set aside one hour solely for drawing and sketching., I seriously need that hour, because I've absolutely lost all style I used to have :| It's been so long since I've last drawn seriously that I've lost the style I used to have, and while I'm okay with that, I feel like an alien without a planet to call my home. So now, all I'm trying to do is find a style that, for right now, fits Solaris. I've been playing around with a lot of styles and such, so that's why the sketches below aren't really finished. Actually, of them is...kind of finished. For now, these are just preliminary sketches, each of them taking 15-20 minutes each, no more. I'm trying to keep my sketches quick and short.

I would really like to go back and work on some of these some more, on my tablet, once I've refined the style perfect for them though.

There were a bunch of others, but I decided against scanning them because I wasn't especially fond with how they turned out. 8| I'm not overly fond with how these turned out, but I need to post something. SO HERE WE GO.

First off, just quick sketches of Solaris, just trying to get a handle for the best way to handle her, her body type, hair, the basics. Idk about you, but the bathing suit one down on the lower right I think turned out the best. Idk. That's just me. And I'm full of fail, so you better now listen to me.

OH LOOK. IT'S NOT FINISHED. Surprise, surprise. Sponge. I love Sponge. Not as much as Koby, but also. This is one of the ones I'd like to come back and revisit eventually and rework.

Sponge & Jackson. Just quick character sketches, 15 minutes total for the page. Sponge on the left w/the dreadlocks, Jackson on the right, being emo. With his coffee. Yup. S'about it.

A...kind of completed sketch of Solaris (left) and Joslynn (right). Whenever I see Joslynn in my head, I always see her with these massively big eyes. Eyes like...a tarsier monkey. Just big and wide and like "WAIT WHUT'S GOING ON?!?!" I...think I kind of got those big eyes working in her sketch? I think? IDK. Like I said, I fail.

Well. All this being said...

I ACTUALLY POSTED. How crazy. Hopefully I'll post again within the next seven days, butuh... That doesn't seem especially likely, not with midterms going the way they are. 8|

But it's okay. Now Soup can post, and keep you entertained. Yay! & if she doesn't, she shall feel my wrath. MY WRATH. And my wrath is fierce.

Okay. Need to study.

Until next time.

- Pete

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