Wednesday, March 31, 2010

pete here // one lowly character sketch

So man.

I am seriously not having an easy time getting my drawing. Idk what's happened to me, but it's just not coming as fluidly as I want it to come. I've done a massive amount of sketches the passed week, but there's only one I'm going to post here right now that I feel even remotely confident about. And when I say "remotely confident" I mean I need to post something before Soup decides to hurt me.

I've actually done far more writing than drawing this week, so all my sketches are just quick character sketches for characters in my story. The one I've decided to post here, this evening, is my character Persephone - AKA: Percy - from the story I've been working on most recently, West Coast Rising.

I secretly love Persephone - she's one of my favorite characters in the series. Sadly, she doesn't have too much of a role in West Coast Rising - her role becomes more prominent in subsequent books. If I, know you, *finish* the subsequent books. Apparently, I have writing ADD. Or at least that's what Soup and Ick say. I don't know what they're talking about. *shifty eyes*

But yes. This is my...contribution to the blog for right now. I really want to post more, like a giant, massive DUMP of sketches, but at this point, I seriously just don't feel comfortable in the direction my style is going. 8| I just need more practice.

Practice, practice, practice.


..........Yeah. I'm starting to fall into a kind of style I'm comfortable with. I think. It needs a lot more refinement, but I think I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

We'll see.


I updated. Only one sketch, I know, but better than nothing.

- Pete

Saturday, March 27, 2010

soup \\ evolution of a character

This is an epic post. I'm so completely embarrassed to be posting the old versions of these characters that I oughta just go live in a corner after this.

Wait, I already do.

Anyway, I'll be posting three sets of three characters. One was drawn in '06, the proceeding is drawn I think in '08, and then the final version is '10. Sorry for the craptastic picture quality on the third. Po' boy college students 'n all.

I wasn't kidding. Embarrassed.

When we went over our characters, we took off all the unnecessary stuff that was only there in the first place for glam purposes. Realistically speaking, this is more logical, and more natural. Less is more.

Same outfit, I just........was too lazy to draw the blouse. ;;;; Oh, and I took it down even further. Stripped down. Minus the 'stripped' part. Though it's pretty close.

Oh dear god.

He wouldn't bother with all that outfit vomit from the earlier picture. I'm surprised he even bothers to put on panties sometimes.

His foot needs a-fixing, I realize that. And just pretend, like in the previous picture, he's standing on an invisible rock. Or someone's back. Also, don't tell him this, but his knife seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

No comment, please.

Personality TOTALLY revamped. From a jerkface to an emo. I'm very serious. This is serious business here.

Thank you, life drawing class, for teaching me how to draw moobs. Thank you.

That's it for me. I'm soooo far behind on my 100 drawings that it's...actually funny. Funny the way you run right smack into a glass slider door funny.

Not that I've ever done that before.


That's all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pete here // no sketches tonight. kinda.

Just an explanation and apology for why there aren't any. I'm going through midterms right now, and basically haven't done anything not pertaining to exams, I'm sad to say. But my final midterm examination is on Thursday, so after that, I hit Spring Break, and basically just one big long fantastic week of no required scholastic assignments. All the studying I do will be at my own free will, on my own time, and yeah.

Some come Thursday at approximately 1800hrs, I'll be drawing again, and hopefully by Friday, I'll have some sketches to post.

I've got a bunch of character sketches I want to do for Solaris's story and some other unnamed stories and I'm just really excited about it. 8] I've had a bunch of stories in my head + a srs revision to Solaris's story that has me practically giggling with sheer delight. You can ask Soup. I sent her a txt message the other night practically squealing over it.


But anyways.

Just so this post isn't entirely useless.

(Lawlz, the lines are so shaky cause my hands have got the quivers and twitches and shakes cause my blood sugar is low. I should fix that. By eating. Which I think I shall. ...Eventually.)

So yeah. Okay. Back to studying. 8| The vast majority of my life is spent studying, I've come to realize. No wonder I'm still single. Crazy, y0.

- Pete

Thursday, March 18, 2010

soup \\ fashion sketches

I'm all about fashioooooon and color coordination and complimenting the body. I don't have any new sketches (I've been suffering from some severe mental retardation recently and the lack of sleep has been eating away at my bodeh and I've been drinking profusely--which is profusely for me, not profusely for the regular person my age, or probably profusely for anyone). SO, here are some old sketches, dated back from OMG2006!!! I did a lot of these when I was a senior in high school.

High school.


Feels like light-years ago.

But, here we go!!! Make sure we've all read the first post's rules before we continue on, or else!!!!

2006! I inked this and the one below with a weird pen. I don't know why, but I did.

I love his clothes. His shirt says, "Chill, man." Can I have this shirt? I'd totally wear this shirt.

Still 2006! Designs for a story, all the same character.

Anyone remember this sword from a previous post?

I still like this one. Someone in my computer class said she'd totally wear it...except for the weird stuff. So you know, everything.


Still 2006, still designs for same character from same story. First time using copics.

Major suckage.

Yeah...half of her clothes moves with wind, the other half..............doesn't.

Used a sepia pen for the first time to create the lineless sort of effect. I'm still surprised that I got so much anatomy relatively correct for 2006 and being anatomically retarded :|

Still 06. Some emo.

Did this close to the end of 06. I hadn't intended for it to be fully all-blue, but...that's the way it came out. I was still trying to figure out how to use prismacolor pencils, but they're amaaaazing. Still my favorite coloring tools of choice.

Still 06. Sword is supposed to be made of glass. Body is about four heads tall. Art people know the joke there.

Probably about 08-09? I worked on it a little more since this upload, but my computer died and it died along with it :'[ No Photoshop on this computer, too expensive.

2009, never finished. Will never get the chance to either.

Late 09, I never finished the lineart (note the missing ear, and I never put in all the beads and boot laces and yeah).

The drawings below are done by Ick, and I colored them with watercolor pencils and copic markers.

07. That is my toe there, yes.

Sexxxxx. But pretty sex.

She was originally supposed to be holding a weapon. We sort of forgot about that part.

Anyway, that's it for now!!!

And why do all the baby daddies on Teen Mom have to be such ass hammers? Why they gotta be like that?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

pete here // solaris story: character sketches

Holy cow! For the love of Peter, an update! By Pete, nonetheless! Without more than one ancient sketch! With new sketches in fact! Holy Basil Leaf, Batman! I know, this is crazy, isn't it? The fact that I'm actually UPDATING with something. I'm pretty baffled myself, not gonna lie.

Things have been pretty ridiculously hectic, not gonna lie. Midterms are absolutely slaughtering me, completely slaughtering me, to the point where I'm beginning to fall back into my old sleeping habits, fewer and fewer hours a night. Before midterms end, I'll be getting an hour of sleep - if I'm lucky. Now, on top of this chaotic amount of classwork, I've just been offered a tutoring job with a 5th grader with brain tumors. It's been crazy - completely and totally crazy.


I've been good - for the most part. Each night, I've set aside one hour solely for drawing and sketching., I seriously need that hour, because I've absolutely lost all style I used to have :| It's been so long since I've last drawn seriously that I've lost the style I used to have, and while I'm okay with that, I feel like an alien without a planet to call my home. So now, all I'm trying to do is find a style that, for right now, fits Solaris. I've been playing around with a lot of styles and such, so that's why the sketches below aren't really finished. Actually, of them is...kind of finished. For now, these are just preliminary sketches, each of them taking 15-20 minutes each, no more. I'm trying to keep my sketches quick and short.

I would really like to go back and work on some of these some more, on my tablet, once I've refined the style perfect for them though.

There were a bunch of others, but I decided against scanning them because I wasn't especially fond with how they turned out. 8| I'm not overly fond with how these turned out, but I need to post something. SO HERE WE GO.

First off, just quick sketches of Solaris, just trying to get a handle for the best way to handle her, her body type, hair, the basics. Idk about you, but the bathing suit one down on the lower right I think turned out the best. Idk. That's just me. And I'm full of fail, so you better now listen to me.

OH LOOK. IT'S NOT FINISHED. Surprise, surprise. Sponge. I love Sponge. Not as much as Koby, but also. This is one of the ones I'd like to come back and revisit eventually and rework.

Sponge & Jackson. Just quick character sketches, 15 minutes total for the page. Sponge on the left w/the dreadlocks, Jackson on the right, being emo. With his coffee. Yup. S'about it.

A...kind of completed sketch of Solaris (left) and Joslynn (right). Whenever I see Joslynn in my head, I always see her with these massively big eyes. Eyes like...a tarsier monkey. Just big and wide and like "WAIT WHUT'S GOING ON?!?!" I...think I kind of got those big eyes working in her sketch? I think? IDK. Like I said, I fail.

Well. All this being said...

I ACTUALLY POSTED. How crazy. Hopefully I'll post again within the next seven days, butuh... That doesn't seem especially likely, not with midterms going the way they are. 8|

But it's okay. Now Soup can post, and keep you entertained. Yay! & if she doesn't, she shall feel my wrath. MY WRATH. And my wrath is fierce.

Okay. Need to study.

Until next time.

- Pete

Monday, March 8, 2010

soup \\ sketch DUMP

Now, if you haven't read this post, please do so now. It has allll the warnings so I'm not responsible for any harm caused by the art displayed here.

No, really. For realsies.

And, as promised, BECAUSE I LIKE TO KEEP PROMISES *beam beam beam*, here's a sketch dump. Straight up.

His name is Cassius and I love him. He's also one of my favorite villains, but since he's the villain in my vampire/demon story, he probably won't get to see an attempt at publication for like a decade.

Sienna and Jude. Snow hats and iPods. These are characters to a story that I tried to get published and...............couldn't. But not for a lack of trying :|

Just some practice for school on figure-drawing. Have a long while to go.

Also characters from Sienna's story that I couldn't get published :|

I had to retake the picture on this one, and forgot to put something behind it the second time, so you can see his BFF back there. Close up on his face? This was also done for practice for class. It looked better a few days ago.

Annnnnd his BFF. She, also, looked better a couple days ago.

I'm still proud of this one 8| Also from Sienna's story. The colors ended up kind of weird, but I almost like it.

Done for an art trade, but then I realized she had already drawn her character straight-on, bust shot, and a million times better than this. I have to go back to the drawing board. LOL PUN.

Sexxxxxxx. Srsly, I was not joking when I said I like to draw perviness. And this also turned out kind of mutated color-wise, but I still kind've like the look 8[

That's it I think!!! For now. I had some old and new in there just to mix things up. I'm really hacking away at an art style, which is why no two pieces look the same. I'm having such an art identity crisis. [/epic angst]

Anyway, thanks to Pete for editing all these pieces DD8 Each art was taken by camera, and remember the rules, folks. No touchy, no takey. Not that I can really imagine anyone wanting to take these.

That is all. OH. And make sure to watch ABDC, because the Lady Gaga episode is so smokin'.

Friday, March 5, 2010

pete // iris sketch

So. I probably won't be updating every day or near daily, like I was hoping I would be able to. School is completely bogging me down, and a lot of my sketches are off-computer in sketchbooks or moleskines. And that requires scanning.

And my scanner is completely and totally hidden under about three feet of pages and papers and books.

But anyways.

Another older one that I haven't really done too much hardcore work on recently. I started this over the summer, and have worked on it on-and-off over the passed few months, little details here, things there. I hid a bunch of the layers before I made the cap for the blog, because the background is a mess 8| Like a serious mess.

But anyways. Iris. From one of the manuscripts I'm in the process of editing and polishing up and making pretty and fancy. It's set in the 1970s, for no other reason than the fact I'm a fan of the 70s, and wish I was born then. But alas, I wasn't. (And that isn't really the sole reason I set the story in that decade, rly, I just like saying it is.)

But yeah.

I really want to update with a whole bunch of sketches soon, and I will, just as soon as midterms are over and I can, y'know, breathe again. I'm air-drowning. In papers. And textbooks. BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE. And I know that, but, uh, I'm a fan of excuses. At least for me. I don't like it when other people make excuses. But I like to make excuses.



That is all. For now.

And if Soup doesn't update soon, I'm going to unleash my wrath on her.

- Pete

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pete // solaris sketch

I haven't really made much progress with any art lately, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I've had trouble visualizing some of my characters.


Not so much visualizing them as translating what I see into my head on paper or onto photoshop.

This is an older drawing I've been working on and off for a few months. 8| I keep making little adjustments here and there, adding the occasional details. It's such a big piece. It'll take me ages upon ages. I have a bunch of sketches in my sketchbook, but...that requires me uncovering my scanner.

Hur hur.

That's no easy task. It's covered in papers, textbooks, notebooks, and DVDs. But it's still there. Somewhere.

I rly need some art inspirations. 8|

ANYWAYS. Solaris in the sketch, a little older than I intended her to be. In the first book, she's 16 on the fringe of 17, & without the scar. Here, she's 19 on the verge of 20. I think. I can't remember what I was thinking when I started this, but she has the tree.

And the tree is in one of the later books.

This much I know for sure.

But yes.

Hopefully more recent sketches and such soon

- Pete