Sunday, February 28, 2010

You can call me soup. Your mom does.

← This is soup. This is also a mask of pure evil. Please understand that I am not responsible for the mental displeasure and or harm that stems from any of my posts, as I am 21. And I tend to act 21. And yes, I do start many of my sentences with conjunctions.

Like I said, not responsible.

I'm occasionally a college student, working under the facade of an art major when I'm really crawling towards English. I'm not a professional in either of these fields, nor is the following declaration particularly true, but you will often find me walking around with an "I'm better than you" hat the size of Texas. It is a very heavy hat.

Now that I've endeared myself to everyone, here's why I've been dragged into an art blog. Part of the deal for my figure drawing class is that I have to maintain a sketchbook, and by the end of the year, said sketchbook must be fat with 100 sketches. That's nearly one sketch every day for the entire semester.

That's a lot of effing drawings.

Please understand my drawings are not eye candy, nor are they politically or morally correct. (What does a politically correct drawing look like, you ask? Don't look for a good comparison here, that's all I'm saying.) I also often draw racy sketches, so please be advised, some of my future drawings may not be worksafe (nor will they find any life in my school sketchbook, because...well...yeah). Unfortunately for my blog co-owner, Pete, she decided to take on the drawing life as well and together we will draw until our fingers fall off. We're victims of society.

My drawings will be about 99.9% my characters, .1% characters of my friends. I do not do fanart. Anymore.

Wait. I just did fanart the other day. Okay, I take that back. I only do fanart at weak, weak moments.

If by any chance you want me to draw your character(s), please know that I'm not up for requests or commissions at the moment. If you would like the name of someone who would be willing to draw for payment, please let me know and I'll refer you to someone at If ever I do decide to open up to commissions, I will alert the blog. Otherwise, don't ask or I kill you.

Since I have no scanner and no photoshop as of this moment, I will try to update on a near-weekly basis. Believe me, that's pretty ambitious for someone like myself. And if Pete doesn't update while I'm wringing myself dry with aimless sketches, she will feel my fury.

Anyway, that is all. Below are examples of my art through the past couple years. Please be aware, I never finish anything.


There you go. Please also note, none of these drawings may be used in any way without my written consent. If you would like to use them (forwhateverreasonIcannotfathom), please contact me first. I'm usually pretty lenient if you're a swell person.

Okay, bye-bye now!

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