Thursday, March 18, 2010

soup \\ fashion sketches

I'm all about fashioooooon and color coordination and complimenting the body. I don't have any new sketches (I've been suffering from some severe mental retardation recently and the lack of sleep has been eating away at my bodeh and I've been drinking profusely--which is profusely for me, not profusely for the regular person my age, or probably profusely for anyone). SO, here are some old sketches, dated back from OMG2006!!! I did a lot of these when I was a senior in high school.

High school.


Feels like light-years ago.

But, here we go!!! Make sure we've all read the first post's rules before we continue on, or else!!!!

2006! I inked this and the one below with a weird pen. I don't know why, but I did.

I love his clothes. His shirt says, "Chill, man." Can I have this shirt? I'd totally wear this shirt.

Still 2006! Designs for a story, all the same character.

Anyone remember this sword from a previous post?

I still like this one. Someone in my computer class said she'd totally wear it...except for the weird stuff. So you know, everything.


Still 2006, still designs for same character from same story. First time using copics.

Major suckage.

Yeah...half of her clothes moves with wind, the other half..............doesn't.

Used a sepia pen for the first time to create the lineless sort of effect. I'm still surprised that I got so much anatomy relatively correct for 2006 and being anatomically retarded :|

Still 06. Some emo.

Did this close to the end of 06. I hadn't intended for it to be fully all-blue, but...that's the way it came out. I was still trying to figure out how to use prismacolor pencils, but they're amaaaazing. Still my favorite coloring tools of choice.

Still 06. Sword is supposed to be made of glass. Body is about four heads tall. Art people know the joke there.

Probably about 08-09? I worked on it a little more since this upload, but my computer died and it died along with it :'[ No Photoshop on this computer, too expensive.

2009, never finished. Will never get the chance to either.

Late 09, I never finished the lineart (note the missing ear, and I never put in all the beads and boot laces and yeah).

The drawings below are done by Ick, and I colored them with watercolor pencils and copic markers.

07. That is my toe there, yes.

Sexxxxx. But pretty sex.

She was originally supposed to be holding a weapon. We sort of forgot about that part.

Anyway, that's it for now!!!

And why do all the baby daddies on Teen Mom have to be such ass hammers? Why they gotta be like that?

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