Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pete here // no sketches tonight. kinda.

Just an explanation and apology for why there aren't any. I'm going through midterms right now, and basically haven't done anything not pertaining to exams, I'm sad to say. But my final midterm examination is on Thursday, so after that, I hit Spring Break, and basically just one big long fantastic week of no required scholastic assignments. All the studying I do will be at my own free will, on my own time, and yeah.

Some come Thursday at approximately 1800hrs, I'll be drawing again, and hopefully by Friday, I'll have some sketches to post.

I've got a bunch of character sketches I want to do for Solaris's story and some other unnamed stories and I'm just really excited about it. 8] I've had a bunch of stories in my head + a srs revision to Solaris's story that has me practically giggling with sheer delight. You can ask Soup. I sent her a txt message the other night practically squealing over it.


But anyways.

Just so this post isn't entirely useless.

(Lawlz, the lines are so shaky cause my hands have got the quivers and twitches and shakes cause my blood sugar is low. I should fix that. By eating. Which I think I shall. ...Eventually.)

So yeah. Okay. Back to studying. 8| The vast majority of my life is spent studying, I've come to realize. No wonder I'm still single. Crazy, y0.

- Pete

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