Tuesday, April 20, 2010

soup \\ sketch DUMP

Well, this is a mini sketch dump. I hit about halfway through the semester, and yet I'm only about a quarter of the way done with the 100 drawings 8| ;;; This is not good.

This is also the first post of April. Bad us. Bad.

Anyway, here's a continuation of the characters from my previous post (link to it here). There are no previous sketches because those were done by my co-author :> I redrew them for the sake of the rewrite, and because.......I wanted to.

Really need to tweak that back arm. It's kind've...not working well with the spear. To relationship counseling they go.

I love the profile heavy-lidded man eye. Seduces me every time. And to think, I almost started all over with this picture.

I don't care that the plot in Sherlock Holmes sucked. Give me RDJ and Jude Law and pre Edwardian fashion any day. Men in uber crotch pants? Cheese and rice. Those don't look good on anyone, and yet here I went and drew them.

This is supposed to be...underwater. It's hard to tell, but uh. She's trying to pull him up. I thought to add bubbles to insinuate water, but then I should add Ariel and shell bras and a lobster conducting an under the sea orchestra.

So, you know how I feel about that.

Btw, anatomy is off. Yes. My head is also off. Your head is off if you thought this was something other than what it was.

This pictures sucks in small size. As you can tell, I haven't finished it. I never finish anything, as stated in my first post. And they aren't underwater, the wind is just...blowing up.

Take that, Newton.

Anyway, that's all for my mini dump. I've been noticing a particular trend recently where my drawings are looking skywards. It's so symbolic that I'm embarrassed for myself.

As of this moment, my co author and I are about 40k into this book, which is pretty good. We're trying super hard to keep it as close to 100k as possible, but as of press date, our previous chapter was eleven pages. Over 6k words. Holy fish paste.

Status updates as we go. Now I have to check and see if the hot water is working yet, because when you're sick and pathetic, a hot shower is just the thing to boil out all the mucus from your throbbing sinuses and soothe your aching eye sockets. It sort've sucks when the water heater goes out. And you haven't showered since Sunday afternoon. Kind've really sucks.

That's all for nao.

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